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Operational Precautions

Machine Installation

  • Install the machine on a sturdy floor. If the floor is supported by steel frames, place the machine stand on the steel beams as much as possible.
  • Avoid dust and moisture because it can lead to dirt and rust respectively. Thus, the working area has to be cleaned periodically.
  • Avoid direct sunlight by setting up curtains or shades. If not, machine body may experience discoloration or deformation.
  • Provide enough space between the right, left and back sides of the machines and the wall.
  • Prevent the operation noise in the environment by using interior finish materials which show high sound insulating performance for the walls, ceiling and floor of the factory.
  • Use a crane which is strong enough to suspend the machine. If cannot, a forklift is used instead.
  • The machine must be adjusted to the horizontal positions and set stand stud bolts to reduce the machine vibration.
  • Make sure tighten all bolts before the machine run.
  • Put grease on the rail and gear chain for every 2 months using heavy duty lithium grease.
  • Unplug the servo motor if you want to move the platen manually.

Machine Operation

  • Read the instruction manual and thoroughly understand the contents of operation before starting the machine
  • Wear proper clothes and tidy up yourself so that you can smoothly perform the operation
  • Start the machine after everything is all ready for operation.
  • Do not sit nor put things on the platen.
  • Do not put your hands or face near the moving part of the machine and heater.
  • Do not run the machine without the cover parts.

Machine Maintenance

  • Must turn off the power switch before disconnecting the power to the machine. Also, before start cleaning or maintenance of the machine to avoid electric shock.

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