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Boot Process



  1. Open the master switch of the【Top Print】printing machine to see if the touch display screen of the printing machine has been opened and displayed. Turn on the air compressor switch to ensure that the air compressor has started working and that compressed air has begun to be delivered. Check that the printer is connected to the compressed air line and open the relevant switch. Make sure that the printing machine has a compressor that can be used with compressed air so that the printer can be run.
  2. Warning: If the above required steps are not performed, the printer will ring an alarm, flash red light and display an alarm on the touch screen! If you do not turn on the compressed air switch, the printing machine will keep ringing. Even if it is turned off and on again, the printing machine will still sound an alarm and a red light – the beep will not stop!
  3. The platen of the printing machine must be heated before it is formally laid.
    How to heat the platen: You can turn on all the heating tubes of the drying oven and set the maximum time, then let the platen run automatically for about 15-20 minutes, (click on the leftmost button of the second row of the control panel of any printing head. The second button will usually be selected to operate on the control panel of the print head in the first printing position). This will heat the platen in a short time, save time and reduce the power consumption.
    The purpose of the hot platen is to spread the heat and so that the color printed on the cloth can be easily dried. When the next color is printed, the paste of the previous printing color will not be stuck on the screen plate, and dirty the next cloth. When the platen is hot, the number of heating tubes in the drying oven can be reduced and the drying time of the drying oven can be shortened.

  4. Please note that because the control of the【Top Print】printing machine and the drying oven is synchronized, there is a patented temperature control product. When the printing machine is not running, the drying oven will not open the switch and will not work. Only when there is no heat on the platen as it runs through the printing machine, and the printing machine is running, will the drying oven work. This can save electricity and be more environmentally friendly. The drying oven has two different infrared heating tubes, one is 1300kw and the other is 700kw. The relevant heating tube temperature is to be selected according to printing requirements.
  5. According to the technical requirements of printing graphics, arrange the color of the order of the network frame, to see if the order of color is reasonable, we must look at the effect of the template and the effect of the template to do a good job before printing color layout order, and then Install the net.
  6. The printing sequence of water paste and paste is not the same. The water slurry is printed from deep to shallow, and the mortar is from light brush to deep. When printing mortar, you must ensure that the printed area is completely dried by the drying oven before you can print a paste color. Otherwise, the printed paste will not be satisfactory!
  7. Install the scraper and install the knife. According to the size of the pattern to be printed and the size of the frame, different sizes of the printing knife and the film-covering knife are used to avoid wasting the slurry and affecting the printing speed. The position of the printing knife and film knife can be adjusted, and there are two manual adjustment positions left and right to adjust.
    Usually the printing knife is just dropped to the net yarn, and the same goes for the coating knife. However in this case, the printing knife and the coating knife can not be too attached to the net yarn to avoid scratching the net yarn. The pressure adjustment of the printing knife and the coating knife is on the right side of the front part of each printing head. Usually the pressure is used from 2 bar (kilograms) to 3 bar (kilograms). If some cloths you need to increase the pressure, they can be adjusted on the pressure regulating valve. Adjust the pressure above --- increase or decrease.
  8. Start adjusting the frame to align the upper and lower cross-hairs of the mesh. (Tune the center of the frame, left and right, high and low position).
    When the frame is on, you must use the cross above the mesh. As a standard of alignment, adjust the relevant button on each printing head of the machine to adjust the position of the upper and lower left and right of the frame, high and low position. (Note: the printing head has front and rear, left and right, as well as high and low adjustment buttons)
    Must pay attention to: the distance between the platen and the frame can not be less than 0.5CM! There must be a distance of 0.5cm between the bottom of the frame and the top of the platen. Before and after the frame, the left and right sides should be leveled and parallel to the platen. Thus, printing will be accurate and fast.
  9. When the【Top Print】printing machine is in use, many functions can be set. For example: the speed of the squeegee of the printing machine, the number of squeegees, the pressure of the squeegee, the printing mode used, the running speed of the platen, and the time of spreading can all be changed on the general menu above the printing machine touch screen, but it must be only professional printers and experienced printer operators who are allowed to make operational changes.
  10. When positioning the rubber particles on the upper and lower sides of the frame, try to keep the same when punching and positioning the rubber particles. If the holes on the frame do not match, the frame will not be parallel when the frame is connected to the printing machine. , Will be twisted, usually the position of the left and right are not in parallel, need to adjust the level of the machine to adjust the level of the blade to achieve the effect of printing time.
  11. When setting up the frame, you can first put the frame on the platen, look at the length of the frame, and then adjust the distance to install the frame. When the frame is installed, you must lock the frame. The method is to press the pause button and the printhead use button at the same time, then press the forward button on the printing head, so that it can get deflated, and then press the button in the backward direction. This is the aeration lock frame. In this way, the net frame will not be loosened during printing. Printing will be accurate.


  • When the printing machine is running, the operator needs to adjust the printing machine. It must be ensured that after pressing the pause button and the use button on the printing head panel that needs to be adjusted, the machine can be operated to adjust the printing machine.
  • When you press the Pause button (the first button to the right of the first row above the print head above the print head, the button lights up when the button is pressed) and the button for the print head you are using (under the control panel above the print head) The first button on the right side of the first row will light red when the button is pressed). The yellow light (pause button) and red light (power on button) will be on at the same time. This is for safety reasons.
  • The person operating the printing machine must ensure that the printing machine can be operated only after pressing the pause button (yellow light) and using the button (red light). The security setting of【Top Print】high-color printing machine is the highest level. After you press the pause button (yellow light), other people operating the machine on the other printing heads of the printing machine cannot make the printing machine run the rotating platen. In order to operate and rotate the printing machine, it is necessary to release the two previous buttons on the panel that originally pressed the two buttons to operate and turn the platen. Other printers do not have this feature! Therefore, the printing machine operator must develop a good habit of pressing the pause button (light yellow) and the use of the button (light red) before adjusting.

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