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  1. The machine all comes part by part. The body part must be arranged at the same level by adjusting the foot of the machine.
  2. Install the flat bed. Flat bed is where the platen will be put. The flat bed first will be attached on the black plate. The black plate has rollers attached at one side. The rollers are for movement on the slider. Then, the flat bed will be inserted on the rail.
  3. Connect the black plate to the next plate by using the long plate of metal connector and tighten the screw on the plate.
  4. Install arm on the machine. Connect the spring first into the arm. Then the connector will be connected to the locking mechanism on the arm.
  5. Insert the bolt and nut in the black block that attach to the arm into the body part of machine.
  6. Clamp the squeegee into the squeegee holder.

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